Math With a plot

"How to do I create math video that transforms math into a awesome story? What is a Storybook Math video, anyway?"  Well stories and math surprisingly have a lot in common. All stories have characters and plots that have to come in order from beginning to end. Math has numbers and problems that have to come in order from beginning to end. Storybook Math videos transforms numbers and math symbols into characters that interact with each other. These characters interact in order to complete the math problem and complete the story. An example is below:

The video above not only explains the math concept of Mean, Median, and Mode, it makes the numbers fun and silly characters. The characters also did not talk down to the audience (like a lot of math videos do). 

If you are thinking of creating a awesome math video, first choose a math concept and refine it to be as simple as possible. (Khan Academy explains math simply and can help inspire simplicity). Then find something that students around you love. (Dinosaurs, Military, Dresses, a TV Show, Cooking, Dance, Puppies, Ice Cream, Exercise Tapes, Smooth Jazz, etc). Next, make dinosaurs, dresses, etc, the theme of your math video. Combined the math concept with what the students love. Create characters, math plots, and think out of the box!


  • Videos need to have a theme and a setting, just like stories do. They need to take place in a fun imaginary world or a version of reality.
  • No talking head at the white board for 75% or more of the video. Make the white board brief.
  • Make videos quick and clear. Very clear! P.S. Jump cuts and excited actors help move the video along.
  • The videos can not have anything inappropriate. (There is an exception for improper fractions and irrational numbers.)


How to Create a math Video